Monday, April 26, 2010

Silver Lake's Food Truck Heaven

Diet Shmiet!!
     Went to the monthly flea market in Silver Lake on Saturday in hopes of finding some great vintage clothes, don't get me wrong they did have some pretty cute odds and ends there, but of course I spent my money on food! First trucks!! Normally there is more options, but half of them were at Unique LA Downtown. Thats okay I still got my fill. After being undecided I stopped at Lee's Philly. The Asian guy out front was just too convincing..and for good reason. Had the American style Philly cheese steak..greasy goodness! Also had to try the spicy chicken Gogi taco for only 1.99, after all they claim to have the best Gogi in LA. I'm convinced!
After contemplating and bargaining with the vendors with no success of that perfect find, and walking 2 blocks to the farmer's market down the street with more vintage clothes, I needed another treat! Back to food trucks we Cool Haus (best part of the day) Ice Cream Sandwich truck. Pick which cookie you want, then pick which ice cream you want..and ice cream sandwich ever! Our picks...chocolate cookie with red velvet ice cream, and oatmeal cookie with banana ice cream (my favorite). Tastes just like a chocolate frozen banana..and who doesn't like those?! I'm still having dreams of little floating ice cream sandwich's dancing around me in the clouds with cute little teddy bears, rainbows, and lollipops singing in the sky.  Okay..maybe i'm getting a little carried away, but the delicious desserts are still stuck in my head and remind me of tastes from my childhood. If you see this truck..don't let it drive away and miss out on your candy land dreams.
I also had to add another picture of one of the trucks I missed out on this time, but loved the slogan! The Greasy Wiener! Loads of fun in a bun! I'll be sure to hit that one up next time ;)
Silver Lake Flea Market every last weekend of the month. See you next month!
XOXO Kristie Cream

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