Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Malo Monday

So, my lovely friend Diana is leaving us and moving back to Seattle. After her epic party Saturday night, her and I decided to have one last get together and have dinner. Hmmm..let's go to Malo we both haven't been there in awhile. Place was packed!! What is it 2 dollar taco night? Why..yes it is. How long is the wait we asked? Well you can go upstairs to our tequila tasting for only 17 dollars and get right in. Um...okay! All the tequila you want, free margarita's and free tacos and chips and a DJ. It was like our own private party. Hells yeah! It was a night of unexpected tequila bliss. Our favorite was the Casa Noble single barrel Anejo. Yum..sweet and smooth! Many, many tequila shots, 2 margaritas, potato cheese tacos and beef with pickle tacos..going out with a bang! Plus we got free loot..hats, tshirts, keychains, and even a whole bottle of Agave Nectar compliments of my new Sailor Jerry rep friends I met just last week! I have always loved this place, now I love it even more!
Well we can't go out and not end the night at the dirty DR (Drawing Room..duh). So one more double shot of Corralejo please! It was a great night..thanks Diana. You will be dearly missed. Much love!!
XOXO Kristie Cream
Malo 4326 West Sunset Blvd. LA


  1. girl! call me next time you're there. i live so close. sounds like you had fun!