Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Macho Taco Garden IMG00042-20100519-1313.jpg

Macho Taco garden

Damn Good..IMG00043-20100519-1317.jpg

After running many errands..a much needed food break. Who says waiting for your car to be washed has to be boring? Not in LA! Machos Tacos on Vermont is practically connected to the car wash. Plus a free window chip fix..well maybe just for cute girls..but still! I always order the Damn Good chicken tacos..yes that is what they are really called..and yes they are..damn good! With chips and salsa 4 dollars. Just here relaxing in the mini garden seating area while watching my car get a rub down. Yep..I said rub down. Pretty, clean, and full..a good afternoon in The Happy (Los Feliz) XOXO Kristie Cream

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fw: IMG00040-20100518-2032.jpg Big Salad!!

 The Silverlake Salad at Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. Couldn't stop eating it. Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, balsamic and 2 scoops of chicken salad with cranberries. With 2 slices of cheese bread. So good! So check out Eagle Rocks Alcove like dining setting for some good eats. There is another location in Silverlake as well..but this one is just down the street from Cafe Beaujolais for some wine and desserts..and of course The Black Boar! :)
XOXO Kristie Cream

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Berry Wine!

Being more of a whiskey girl, I am not much of a wine conesuer. If I drink it is only red and it's only with Italian food or steak. Just have to put a shout out to Palermo's house merlot..goes down so smooth. "I'm not spitting this stuff out, it tastes like fruit!" Not only do I love their food at Palermo; simple Italian (I don't like the fancy froo-froo stuff) and great dinner specials, but you can order wine by the half or full carafe or even take a bottle home! Visit this family restaurant under the sparkling Christmas lights for some friendly service, great prices, and classic Italian eats! In the waiting room they have their wine bottles for purchase including higher end selections and their own Palermo name brand. So drink up wino's! I'll be right with ya!
1858 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles
XOXO Cream (be sure to check out the inspirational video below )

Dr Steve Brule Sweet Berry Wine (COMPLETE ORIGINAL)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bier For My Horses

Downtown..where the neon lights are pretty! Well, I have to say Downtown is not pretty on May Day..traffic, traffic, traffic! But sausage and beer at Wurstkuche made everything better. Located on East 3rd in the Arts District..and directly across my friends place is a little piece German heaven. It's a whole different feel Downtown..yet so familiar. The place has a very open and inviting atmosphere. Wooden benches and exposed brick make it airy and cool even when it's packed..which is most of the time. Hanging on the patio chatting it up with the locals, who quickly become your new best friends, is the place to be. It's no wonder people move here from Hollywood to leave the pretentious and judgmental. This is a new favorite hang!

With 20 something kinds of sausage to choose from, including classics like Italian sausage and bratwurst, with more gourmet like turkey apricot ginger, and out of the ordinary like rattlesnake or duck. Yes, they have vegetarian as well. All on a fresh roll with your choice of two toppings. My choice..the Austin Blues: hot and spicy, tri-pepper smoked pork. Gotta have it hot! Plus..bacon tastes good..pork chops taste good! On top..sweet peppers, sauerkraut, and smothered in their spicy mustard. A must try is the Belgian fries with truffle oil and array of dipping sauces to choose good! Choose from over 40 beers on draft including Belgian, German, English and North American beers. I had the German Spaten-Optimator and the Bittburger..perfect to go with my spicy dog! What day isn't good when there is beer and sausage involved! ;) Check out their site and i'll see you there for my lunchtime fill.
Zum Wohl!!   XOXO Cream

Friday, April 30, 2010

So Money Baby

A forgotten favorite of mine...The Three Olives Triple Espresso Mind Eraser! Every now and then you got get a little crazy..this will do the trick! The only thing it erases for me is the memory of wanting just one drink and heading home..haha! We all know what goes in a mind eraser shot..tall Collins glass filled with ice, vodka, Kahlua, and soda water..with 2 straws! But if you want an extra kick (which face it..I always do!) try it with the Triple Espresso flavor by Three Olives brand vodka. Not a huge fan of vodka, but these are my favorite..super smooth and fun flavors like grape, root beer, and mango. With the caffeine boost one shot quickly turns into 3 and closing the bar down!
One of the only places I know to find this flavor in LA is The Dresden. I hadn't been there in awhile, but had to show my friend Eric from out of town the bar made famous from Swingers in 1996. An LA must! Visiting and cracking jokes with two of the friendliest bartenders in Los Angeles...John and Steve only add to make a great evening. So go visit Marty and Elaine singing Staying Alive on the piano, and any other requests you may have,every night at 9. See you there!
XOXO Cream