Friday, April 30, 2010

So Money Baby

A forgotten favorite of mine...The Three Olives Triple Espresso Mind Eraser! Every now and then you got get a little crazy..this will do the trick! The only thing it erases for me is the memory of wanting just one drink and heading home..haha! We all know what goes in a mind eraser shot..tall Collins glass filled with ice, vodka, Kahlua, and soda water..with 2 straws! But if you want an extra kick (which face it..I always do!) try it with the Triple Espresso flavor by Three Olives brand vodka. Not a huge fan of vodka, but these are my favorite..super smooth and fun flavors like grape, root beer, and mango. With the caffeine boost one shot quickly turns into 3 and closing the bar down!
One of the only places I know to find this flavor in LA is The Dresden. I hadn't been there in awhile, but had to show my friend Eric from out of town the bar made famous from Swingers in 1996. An LA must! Visiting and cracking jokes with two of the friendliest bartenders in Los Angeles...John and Steve only add to make a great evening. So go visit Marty and Elaine singing Staying Alive on the piano, and any other requests you may have,every night at 9. See you there!
XOXO Cream

Anyone Thirsty?

I am! So we all know i'm partial to whiskey,so it's about time I made it out to The Thirsty Crow on Sunset in Silver Lake. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of The 1933 Group getting rid of one of my favorite bars..Stinkers..and re-vamping it, but folks we have a winner! It has old school charm, with all the bartenders wearing top hats and suit vests, and filled with pot belly stoves, exposed brick and more windows to view the cool hipsters out on the patio, with vintage-like mirrors in the bathrooms..and of course the most important part..lots and lots of bourbon! Drink picks for the evening included: The Thirsty Crow..a mix of Sazerac Rye, bitters and ginger beer..super refreshing! Tastes like a soda on a hot summer day served in a jar. Shown below by the lovely Anna Behr. The Sazerac, strong yet bitter orange sweet..reminds me of an old fashion. Last..but certainly not least The Black Manhattan strong and perfectly sweetened with hints of caramel. At the bottom..a black of my weaknesses. Not many bars around opt for the Italian black cherries in thick syrup..but when I find one that does I want to steal the whole jar! But I just ask for extra instead. Next on my list to try is the mint julep..hey..what a great way to kick of The Kentucky Derby tomorrow! So looks like I have a new favorite bar. Where to find me..The Thirsty Crow 2939 W Sunset Blvd.
XOXO Kristie Cream

Monday, April 26, 2010

Silver Lake's Food Truck Heaven

Diet Shmiet!!
     Went to the monthly flea market in Silver Lake on Saturday in hopes of finding some great vintage clothes, don't get me wrong they did have some pretty cute odds and ends there, but of course I spent my money on food! First trucks!! Normally there is more options, but half of them were at Unique LA Downtown. Thats okay I still got my fill. After being undecided I stopped at Lee's Philly. The Asian guy out front was just too convincing..and for good reason. Had the American style Philly cheese steak..greasy goodness! Also had to try the spicy chicken Gogi taco for only 1.99, after all they claim to have the best Gogi in LA. I'm convinced!
After contemplating and bargaining with the vendors with no success of that perfect find, and walking 2 blocks to the farmer's market down the street with more vintage clothes, I needed another treat! Back to food trucks we Cool Haus (best part of the day) Ice Cream Sandwich truck. Pick which cookie you want, then pick which ice cream you want..and ice cream sandwich ever! Our picks...chocolate cookie with red velvet ice cream, and oatmeal cookie with banana ice cream (my favorite). Tastes just like a chocolate frozen banana..and who doesn't like those?! I'm still having dreams of little floating ice cream sandwich's dancing around me in the clouds with cute little teddy bears, rainbows, and lollipops singing in the sky.  Okay..maybe i'm getting a little carried away, but the delicious desserts are still stuck in my head and remind me of tastes from my childhood. If you see this truck..don't let it drive away and miss out on your candy land dreams.
I also had to add another picture of one of the trucks I missed out on this time, but loved the slogan! The Greasy Wiener! Loads of fun in a bun! I'll be sure to hit that one up next time ;)
Silver Lake Flea Market every last weekend of the month. See you next month!
XOXO Kristie Cream

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Did You Do for 420?

Just because I don't smoke, doesn't mean I can't celebrate with the rest of you! I had plans of yoga, errands, and a night out..but it was cold and rainy! So breaking my diet and all my plans..sorry Ruthie!..I called Tomato Pie in Silverlake. I ordered spaghetti with meatballs..comes with a salad (my only greens for the day :) )and 2 garlic knots, and The Grandma Pizza (crushed marinated tomatoes, basil, olive oil, garlic, oregano, parmesan and mozzarella). All this while drinking Jack in the afternoon and a Dr. Pepper.. weird combo I know. I was in some kind of food trance! I even forgot to take a picture of the spaghetti before I ate it all..whoops. I guess I can't have cheat days anymore..I just don't stop. It doesn't end there..I ordered a cannoli and finished it off with a half carton of Neapolitan ice self control!! The Italian in me deffinitly took over. Summer please come soon..rainy days are bad news!
XOXO Cream

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mexico In My Back Yard

No I'm not talking about the leaf blowers outside! I'm talking about one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in LA..Mexico City. May not look special from the outside, but it's extra special on the inside! Located on Hillhurst in the heart of Los Feliz Village, this place attracts all the hot is my future boyfriend Vince Vaughn (he just doesn't know it yet). But, besides all the eye candy and hanging mariachi dolls..the food is amazing! Best enchiladas ever! It's the only place I will eat mole sauce..sweet yet slightly spicy..yum! Love the chips and salsa..that is always important. Their nachos, fajitas, tamales, and salmon dinner are all top notch! It gets pretty loud at night, but its all part of the fun! I added a picture of my chicken nachos for lunch. Enyoy! :)
XOXO Cream

Find Healing At The Bridge

A different kind of LA treat...enter a new world filled with yoga. Golden Bridge on De Longpre Ave. was a whole new experience for me. This place is huge! Enter first the shop full of yoga clothes, mats, books, jewelry and incense, and just about anything you can think of that may have to do with yoga.  To the left is Nite Moon Cafe. Organic foods and juices galore with a big family like table to eat and relax. Statues and meditation alters everywhere in this inviting spiritual village. With stairs and different rooms everywhere, it is easy to get ask directions to your class! I have experienced Hatha, Vinyasa, and flow classes, but today we tried Kundalini yoga. Focusing on breath and healing of the mind and body, this yoga was more of a workout on the inside. It was a little strange..but I was strangely into it! They offer 100 classes a week! So I purchased the intro special for 10 classes to get me started. Also offering Hatha, Jivamukti, flow, restorative, pilates and a ton of workshops, there is something for everyone. They also have a wellness center where you can get a massage, therapy, acupuncture, nutrition help and much more. Still feeling exhilarated from the breath of fire and a big salad with organic zucchini bread. Shopping, food, and yoga all in one..I think I want to live here. I'm sure I could find a cool hiding spot in the midst of yoga land and they would never find me! Fellow yogis please check out this site and let me know if you would like to join me in the house of love, peace, joy, and tranquility :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Malo Monday

So, my lovely friend Diana is leaving us and moving back to Seattle. After her epic party Saturday night, her and I decided to have one last get together and have dinner. Hmmm..let's go to Malo we both haven't been there in awhile. Place was packed!! What is it 2 dollar taco night? Why..yes it is. How long is the wait we asked? Well you can go upstairs to our tequila tasting for only 17 dollars and get right in. Um...okay! All the tequila you want, free margarita's and free tacos and chips and a DJ. It was like our own private party. Hells yeah! It was a night of unexpected tequila bliss. Our favorite was the Casa Noble single barrel Anejo. Yum..sweet and smooth! Many, many tequila shots, 2 margaritas, potato cheese tacos and beef with pickle tacos..going out with a bang! Plus we got free loot..hats, tshirts, keychains, and even a whole bottle of Agave Nectar compliments of my new Sailor Jerry rep friends I met just last week! I have always loved this place, now I love it even more!
Well we can't go out and not end the night at the dirty DR (Drawing Room..duh). So one more double shot of Corralejo please! It was a great night..thanks Diana. You will be dearly missed. Much love!!
XOXO Kristie Cream
Malo 4326 West Sunset Blvd. LA

Home For The Holidays

No not a traditional family gathering at home..boring! Just a little brunch on Easter at Home. One of my favorite places to eat in LA. They have 2 locations..Los Feliz (The Happy!), and Silverlake. Love the patio, love the airy decor, love the fountain full of Koi fish...oh yeah and I love the food too! if i'm eating breakfast there I always get the French toast with strawberries and a big fat iced coffee. Yes I eat the whole thing! I want some fucking French toast!! (40 yr old virgin) Now..why don't you go Home!
XOXO Cream

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheat Day At Beaujolais!

Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock is one spectacular French Restaurant. From the moment we walked in we were pampered...and the food...oh so good! Not to mention everyone that works there is good looking with an accent that will make you swoon...ahhh! Oh why did I not pay attention in my 2 years of French class? Not sure if he was the owner, but a beautiful French man sitting at the bar kept coming over and refilling our wine glasses..yes please! On my menu...French onion, sweet, cheesy goodness, NY steak with a black pepper crust, potatoes Au Gratin perfectly garlicked, with sautéed baby broccoli and carrots. To top it off creme brulee for dessert. And of course a glass of Cabernet, after all Beaujolais is a wine! Try this place out.. guaranteed to make you drool..from the food and the staff. Mmmm..a new guilty pleasure. Ce' Magnifique!
XOXO Kristie Cream

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The More I Drink...The More I Drink

So I had some people come to my bar today that work for Sailor Jerry. So automatically I started chatting it up with them...get this!! New Shot....pint glass with a shot of SJ, splash of coke and fill with Guinness (or Murphy's Irish Stout). Yum diggity!!! They also had a Sailor, pineapple, OJ, and bitters with a lime..pretty tasty too. So drown yourself in a glass of musical bubbles and celebrate April Fool's Day everyone.
A big THANK YOU to SJ today :)
XOXO Cream