Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buffalo Girls Going Round the Outside

Whiskey pick for the weekend...Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey! You will see why its scored high in Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible in 2009. At 90 proof this whiskey is surprisingly smooth. Corn, Rye and barley with a hint of vanilla. But be ready, there is no time for grazing. It packs a punch..that bull will knock you on your feet if you aren't lookin'! So put on your riding boots and let's have a few!
XOXO Kristie Cream

Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking For Love?

So last night after work I decided I'd make a run to the famous Thai Patio just near my apartment. Best Thai food around as I'm concerned and not high priced. Open till 4 am on the weekends..woo hoo!! I usually dine-in, but do the occasional takeout. Just a couple bucks for valet, but caught a spot in front of Daily Donuts with a sign that read Daily Donuts only, will tow. Oh well, I thought if they want me to buy a donut to park here I will...don't threaten me with a good time!!
Thai Patio picks of the night: Pad Thai (which I only order here)
                                           Thai Salad with chicken and shrimp
                                            AND.....Mango Sticky Rice..oh no you didn't!
Yes I did, one of my favorite desserts. Slices of mango with hot sticky sweet rice with warm coconut milk on top. I literally want to roll around in out because I get everyone addicted to this stuff!
5273 Hollywood Blvd.
XOXO Cream

These Pretzels Are Making me Thirsty!

Oh Oh Oh Olympia! Out with the old and in with new. Now that PBR is going out of style..Los Feliz hipsters are turning to this beauty. "It's The Water!" It's one of my new favorite canned beers. Brewed back in 1896 and seen in movies like The Graduate and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot it's finding it's way back into the hands of low budget, vintage wearing, old school loving LA-inites like you and me!
If you want something with more body, try my other favorite Young's Double Chocolate much better in a can than a bottle..check it! Tastes like! and tastes like chocolate...bonus!
XOXO Kristie Creamsicle

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Feed after Midnight

Hey all you LA hipsters head over to the historical Egyptian Theater tonight if your looking for some good clean fun. Playing tonight...Gremlins 1 and 2!! Thats right, warp back into the 80's with these classics. And really..who doesn't love Phoebe Cates? Opened in 1922..go to just check out the cool decor of this great landmark. A Village Treat must!
7:30 pm 6712 Hollywood Blvd. $11 Double feature. Because Gizmo is a cheap date!

Oh...Bull Kogi!!

Village Treats:  Get your Korean takeout! Right from the streets at 1.99 a taco.Usually stopping in the Downtown area, but yesterday I saw the truck right here on Los Feliz Blvd., yay!  Beef, chicken, pork..and tofu!! Spicy, non spicy, burritos and bowls all on one happy little truck. Look for it and get your fill!

More Whiskey Please!!

Booze time! Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey distilled in NY making a huge splash in LA and in my glass! Cool little bottles, distinct spicy, fruity flavor. Another 92 proof goodness! Check out what the buzz is wont be disappointed. Check out the different whiskey's on this site, as well as where to find it near you, and cool products like glassware and flavored bitters..even barrels of whiskey delivered to your home..what?! Awesome!    Enjoy!
XOXO Kristie Cream

Jack Daniels I Heart You!

After many years of keeping jack on the back burner due to a night of one too many..or 13 to's one of my new loves. Jack straight or with coke is my fav, but here's something different to try: Mmm..mmm good! Let me know if you have any fun Jack recipe's to share!
XOXO Kristie Cream

1 oz. Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey
½ oz. Tuaca®
3 oz. Ginger Ale
Splash of Triple Sec

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Death by Candy

I deffinitly have to check this place out!! Who's coming with me??! Tons of sodas, and old school candies galore. A pinball machine, a rocket ship ride, the kind you used to find in front of Kmart when you were a kid...even a patio in the back where they play cool! All found in Burbank on Magnolia. Yum, Yum, Yum...

Easy like...Wednesday afternoon?

Who wakes up early enough on weekends after going out or working late to catch the sweet treats at your local Farmers Market? Not me! Thats why i'm so glad Los Feliz has a mini Farmers Market every Wednesday from 12-6! Its located on Hollywood Blvd. at the nostalgic Barnsdall Park. Small, but well filled with produce, baked goods, even sweet potato pie's, some leather goods and jewelry, hot tamales!!, honey and cute little honey bear candles, fresh flowers and super friendly vendors. My pics of the day were trail mix (Hollywood Mix of course!) because I've had a craving and these amazing huge, juicy strawberries!! Maybe groundhog Phil was wrong..I think Spring HAS come early!
Check out the parks site for directions and other activities

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

92 proof yummies

First things finish bottle of Sailor Jerry..almost gone. Well it is Tuesday Boozeday and just because i'm in for the night doesn't mean it has to be a total bust!

Put that in your Blog and smoke it!

A new day..a new blog..
Simple. My blog will consist of a) Booze!..and probably lots of it. Drinks I make, drink, find, and great bars to find them in
b)Eats..yummy yummy foods And..
c) cool things to do in mainly Los Feliz Village, and the LA vicinities
I am here for your pleasure and mine..but mainly mine :D
Read, don't read..whatever!
And were off...keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times!

XOXO Kristie Creamsicle