Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Want This Don't You

Village Treat...Courtney Cruz presents Star Warz Burlesque! This Friday at The Fonda in Hollywood. Dressing up as storm troopers and C3PO, then disrobing to almost nothing. Being a huge Star Wars fan myself this looks like a must see. They also have nights here at Courtney's themed "Video Game Girls". Girls dressed as Princess Peach :), Donkey Kong, Zelda,!! I gotta check this fun is that. Most of the girls are filled with tattoos..even better! So all you gamers out there...let's go!
XOXO Cream


  1. ok. this is hot! my ultaimte fantaSy

  2. ummmm what??? i know you dont tell me about these things on purpose- so that i MUST stay tuned in to your blog!!