Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kristie And Anna's Very Happy Un-Birthday!!

A day filled with Alice! First a Mad Hatter inspired afternoon tea at the London West Hollywood Hotel's restaurant The Box Wood(or The Box). You get to pick from an array of teas from a wooden box with pungent flavors of tangerine, berry, mint, jasmine, and chamomile. We picked the traditional English Breakfast Tea so we could drink it with milk and sugar, and get a little caffeine boost. A three-tiered tray comes out with scones, mini sandwiches and more deserts than any one person should eat. Brightly colored cookies, cakes, fruit tarts, mousse, a donut gem mushroom cake, and chocolates filled our bellies. They give you cherries and purple whipped cream to top the blueberry scones and some kind of fresh strawberry coconut-lime whipped something that was amazing. All that sugar deffinitly made me mad, it's no wonder Hatter and his friends are so crazy. Tea is served everyday from 3until 5. Alice in Wonderland themed only for the month of March.
Even though we were not guests of the hotel they were generous enough to escort us up to the pool and bar area. It looked like something out of a movie. A clear water pool on the rooftop over looking all of Los Angeles. The lounge chairs and cabanas were filled with men all wearing white there some kind of weird dress code? Enjoying the view(s) :) with the hot sun and cool breezes we plan on coming back here when we have our bathing suits in hand.
Then off to the movies to see Alice In Wonderland! The nostalgic Vista theater on Sunset in Hollywood. The visuals were great and Johnny Depp was his always amazing self. Tim Burton made the movie with some eye catching fun, but I think he should of stuck with the original story line.
All in all a fun day! Thanks Peach! :)
XOXO Kristie Cream

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