Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Time Eats

Spring is officially here. The birds are chirping, leaves are falling and flowers blooming, the sun is out...and so are the new bathing suits! Ahhh..nightmare! All my holiday and winter rain eating has caught up with me, and now its time to buckle down before Summer. No Luther Burgers for me...aka cheese burger with 2 fried glaze donuts instead of buns...stop stop stop!! Probably why I haven't been writing as much..less booze and! But not to worry I'm not going anywhere I can still have a weekly cheat day..yay! So in the is my favorite diet dinner in Los Feliz. San Sui Japanese Country Cuisine edamame, miso soup, and grilled teriyaki salmon with brown rice. So addictive! I had it 2 nights in a row :) They also have amazing  fresh rolls here, and even some crazy good veggie rolls like yam, pumpkin and squash roll and their Spring Rolls. Also be sure to check out the special board and the special roll the Hillhurst Roll and The Happy Roll! Low cal drink of iced tea..tastes and looks just like green tea ice cream..without the cream.
XOXO Kristie Creamsicle on Hillhurst!

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  1. I love that place. I used to live a block away and my bf and I would eat there every Friday night!