Monday, March 1, 2010

And The Answer Is Simple...And The Answer IS..

Pizza, pizza pizza. After working at Round Table Pizza for 6 years when I was young and eating pizza there everyday for free..I still cant get enough pizza. From the wise words Lelaina Pierce's debauched video blog in Reality just may be the answer to life. A perfectly harmonious round pie of layered veggies and meats symbolizing the continuous circle of our lives. All four food groups living happily together. Maybe we can learn something from this cheesy goodness, or at least take from it a little joy. Share your are some of my favorite pizza places in the LA area, please share yours! 
Big Mama Papa Pizza
Leo's Allstar Bar and Grill
Hard Times Pizza
Nicky D's
Casa Bianca
Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

XOXO Kristie Creamsicle

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