Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Berry Wine!

Being more of a whiskey girl, I am not much of a wine conesuer. If I drink it is only red and it's only with Italian food or steak. Just have to put a shout out to Palermo's house merlot..goes down so smooth. "I'm not spitting this stuff out, it tastes like fruit!" Not only do I love their food at Palermo; simple Italian (I don't like the fancy froo-froo stuff) and great dinner specials, but you can order wine by the half or full carafe or even take a bottle home! Visit this family restaurant under the sparkling Christmas lights for some friendly service, great prices, and classic Italian eats! In the waiting room they have their wine bottles for purchase including higher end selections and their own Palermo name brand. So drink up wino's! I'll be right with ya!
1858 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles
XOXO Cream (be sure to check out the inspirational video below )

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