Monday, May 3, 2010

Bier For My Horses

Downtown..where the neon lights are pretty! Well, I have to say Downtown is not pretty on May Day..traffic, traffic, traffic! But sausage and beer at Wurstkuche made everything better. Located on East 3rd in the Arts District..and directly across my friends place is a little piece German heaven. It's a whole different feel Downtown..yet so familiar. The place has a very open and inviting atmosphere. Wooden benches and exposed brick make it airy and cool even when it's packed..which is most of the time. Hanging on the patio chatting it up with the locals, who quickly become your new best friends, is the place to be. It's no wonder people move here from Hollywood to leave the pretentious and judgmental. This is a new favorite hang!

With 20 something kinds of sausage to choose from, including classics like Italian sausage and bratwurst, with more gourmet like turkey apricot ginger, and out of the ordinary like rattlesnake or duck. Yes, they have vegetarian as well. All on a fresh roll with your choice of two toppings. My choice..the Austin Blues: hot and spicy, tri-pepper smoked pork. Gotta have it hot! Plus..bacon tastes good..pork chops taste good! On top..sweet peppers, sauerkraut, and smothered in their spicy mustard. A must try is the Belgian fries with truffle oil and array of dipping sauces to choose good! Choose from over 40 beers on draft including Belgian, German, English and North American beers. I had the German Spaten-Optimator and the Bittburger..perfect to go with my spicy dog! What day isn't good when there is beer and sausage involved! ;) Check out their site and i'll see you there for my lunchtime fill.
Zum Wohl!!   XOXO Cream

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