Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking For Love?

So last night after work I decided I'd make a run to the famous Thai Patio just near my apartment. Best Thai food around as I'm concerned and not high priced. Open till 4 am on the weekends..woo hoo!! I usually dine-in, but do the occasional takeout. Just a couple bucks for valet, but caught a spot in front of Daily Donuts with a sign that read Daily Donuts only, will tow. Oh well, I thought if they want me to buy a donut to park here I will...don't threaten me with a good time!!
Thai Patio picks of the night: Pad Thai (which I only order here)
                                           Thai Salad with chicken and shrimp
                                            AND.....Mango Sticky Rice..oh no you didn't!
Yes I did, one of my favorite desserts. Slices of mango with hot sticky sweet rice with warm coconut milk on top. I literally want to roll around in out because I get everyone addicted to this stuff!
5273 Hollywood Blvd.
XOXO Cream

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  1. this looks BOMB!!! i love thai patio! i hate that bitch who works at the daily donuts place shes so mean. !!